Ghost of the Robot are a California-based rock band that has performed to sold-out crowds in major cities across the United States and Europe. Comprised of five musicians with unique skills and diverse backgrounds, the band’s sound ranges from driving rock to upbeat pop, soulful blues and jazz to foot-stomping country. In a recent live show a Queen/Super Mario Bros. mash-up found its way Among the original band members are James Marsters (vocals/guitar), Charlie De Mars (guitar/vocals) and Kevin McPherson (bass). Rounding out the group are newcomers Sullivan Marsters (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Latham (drums).

The band recorded two albums, Mad Brilliant (2003) and B-Sider (2004), before going on hiatus in 2005. They reunited in October 2010 at the very club in Santa Monica where they had played their first show. With the release of their latest studio album Murphy's Law (2012), Ghost of the Robot has continued to develop their sound. About the album’s production, Charlie De Mars says, “we did a blend of tape and digital. … it adds a natural compression and a little tape hiss that kind of makes all the songs flow together as one thing… So we’re a throwback to the days of old, with a little bit of new in there.” James Marsters adds, “The other thing about this album that I’m very excited about is that Charlie is singing his songs… We’ve always had the Beatles as a touchstone; the Beatles had no real lead singer but passed around lead vocals… And so when we’re all singing together, it’s really hard to tell who’s who. It really mixes beautifully.”

Throughout 2013 they played clubs and music festivals in Sacramento, Portland, San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta, closing out the year with two concerts that were streamed live from studios in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, CA, to fans all over the world. They’ll be hitting the European stages this JULY 2014

Ghost of the Robot has three albums to their credit. Alongside the latest Murphy’s Law, they’ve re-released their earlier albums Mad Brilliant and B-Sider. They are currently in the studio creating their forthcoming album Bourgeois Faux Pas.

Ghost of the Robot music is available through iTunes, Amazon, and their webstore. 

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Background and 'About the Band' photo credit: Rebecca Appleberry.