Charlie De Mars - guitar/vocals

The true entertainer falls prey to his craft; he is at once lost in an abyss of delivering himself to those around him, affecting them by whatever means necessary until he generates within them an emotion only he can provoke.

This voice of dissent and jack of all trades has more than mastered this art, he’s introduced to it a sense of humanity that is often forgotten in the fast-paced, self-perpetuating entertainment field. He offers a genuine tie to reality, an overwhelming sense of calm that spreads to whoever he’s with.

Always in motion and always creating, with an obsession for nurturing the most overlooked detail, this passionate individual loves nothing more than sharing his hopes and dreams for the world and his desire to build an empire which will forever change the Universe, using media as the medium.

References upon request.


© 2012 Ghost of the Robot

Background and 'About the Band' photo credit: Rebecca Appleberry.